Questions Answered in Techno-geek Style

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Okay guys, I got such a positive response the last time I presented this format here on the blog and since I couldn’t get the hologram to work 🙂 I decided to go back to this format once again. Since this session would have gone on for ever, and I found out that YouTube doesn’t like anything longer than 10 minutes, I have eliminated half the questions that have been sent and I will answer those separately, likely tomorrow.   For now I just cut and past these questions and ripped through them in less than 15 minutes Fastest blog entry for me to date!  Now, as one of my instructors pointed out, you can can multi-task, doing things like the dishes, as you catch up on my blog!


As I said in this clip if you would like to get on our newsletter please just sign up at our website.  For those of you that are needing it, here is a direct link to my Success with One Jump DVD that I mentioned in today’s blog. 

Today I am very grateful to UPS,  as they finally got our Canadian shipment of the new 2×2 Weave Training DVDto us!



  1. Susan,
    Yay! This blog is SO cool! Gotta love technology. Thank you so much for answering my question about future puppy camps. Now I can brag to my agility friends that *I* got a mention on Susan Garret’s blog! LOL!
    Until the summer workshop schedule is released I will be anxiously waiting to sign my puppy up for camp(okay, granted he was just conceived last week and we don’t even know if the mommy dog is pregnant yet, let alone if my puppy is even a “he” or not . . .) but no one can blame me for planning ahead!! =)

    Tara (Hermes & Athena too)

  2. I am curious about Encore’s running dogwalk, and have been wondering about this for a long time. I understand that she has both a 2o2o and a running DW. In Shaping Success, you tell us to remember: “What we learn first, we learn best.” Given this, was it extremely challenging for you to train a second contact behavior for the DW? Was it easier or more difficult than you anticipated? Did anything really surprise you in the process?

  3. awesome! Thanks for answering my question! ;o)

  4. Love the blog, great info – thank you for sharing your time for this! I’m curious about dates for skills camps for 2009.

    I also continuously struggle with discussions around tunnels (curved/macaroni) and FC’s as this is one area that I do not understand clearly and I’m hearing many thoughts behind it but I am not confident I’m getting the right info. Can you? Can’t you? at what point should the FC be executed to instruct your dog to turn? I want to ensure I’m staying consistent and having difficulty understanding this area.

  5. Hey, this is way cool; thanks for the techno-blog!

    It’s always good to see the questions of other people; your answers will either give the rest of us new information or solidify for us what we’ve already been taught (but may have forgotten!).

    I can testify to the part about getting bogged down in trying to get it all perfect . . . I worked for what? a year and a half? on my dog’s nose touch. Okay, slightly OCD, and I will DEFINITELY move faster next time (every camp someone would have to kick my butt and tell me to move on . . . that won’t happen with my next dog!). But my boy is five, and his contacts rock. I’m at the stage now of really pushing him to fail, and that is a *very* fun place to be.

    Thanks for the blog, Susan (you techno geek, you!). 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for answering my question! I have had your books and DVDs for quite a while and was inspired by everyone at Puppy Camp, but sometimes when there is a mass of information out there coming from all sides is gets overwhelming for a newbie. I will work with the program and not use the tether and long line.

  7. Hi Kelly- Your comment has given me a boost! Other people are displeased – they say I’m trying to get it perfect. Lordy! I’m just trying to get it right! (Why do something sloppy or worse, wrong?) What you said about the fun in having beautifully achieved a simple goal is encouraging.

  8. I have a Teacup Chihuahua/yorkie mix that is 3 years old and she is a potty training nightmare. When I got Bitsy, she weighed only about 7 oz. and it was the middle of January in Indiana. So taking her outside was not really an option. We decided to paper/pad train her instead. However, with all of her blood sugar issues and her tiny size, it was difficult to punish her and it was difficult to reward her for doing her business in the correct place. Now, she goes often on her pads, but she also urinates on the carpet. How do I break an adult dog of this habit? It is still difficult to reinforce good behavior, because she will not take food from your hand. She is just too skiddish.

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