An Unexpected Weekend Off

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well my seminar in Omaha, Nebraska had to be canceled this weekend. That is a first for me.  I stared doing seminars in 1995, I don’t know how many I have done, I stopped counting at 300. In all those years, and all those workshops, I have never had to cancel before, it is an awful feeling. I woke John up at 3:15 am Friday morning as he had “volunteered”  to drive me to Toronto airport in order to catch my 6:15 AM flight. This first leg of my flight was leaving on time however I was informed I would then have to wait in Chicago until Sunday afternoon before I could get to Omaha. Hmmm, that didn’t sound like fun, so by 9:30 AM Friday morning, I had hired a shuttle and was on my way home again. My dogs were r-e-a-l-l-y happy that I decided to cut my weekend away short (of course John was too. . . although I think he enjoys those weekends alone). We already have that seminar re-booked for Jan 31- Feb 1st, so those of you that hadn’t signed up before, can get a chance to join us now.

 I braved the storm on Friday to take the dogs for their walk around the field and they loved it!  DeCaff, who was born in Dallas, Texas, loves the cold weather more than any dog I have ever owned.  Very strange for a small dog, but as you will notice in these pictures, I don’t even put her coat on for these walks!

Buzz & Encore out for our Snowing Walk

Buzz & Encore out for a wind blown, snow filled walk.

Here are a couple of pics from Friday.


Snow-faced Encore.

Snow-faced Encore.

Then Saturday hit, the wind and snow stopped, but the snow has drifted making it tough walking for Buzz (and me too!)


Buzzy trudging through the snow.

Buzzy trudging through the snow.

The girls enjoying the snow.

The girls enjoying the snow.


Encore ripping it up in the snow.

Encore ripping it up.


Heading home after a long walk in the snow.

Heading home after a long walk.









Now here it is Sunday and it seems to have started all over again.  More snow overnight and it was so deep I almost got stuck on my way to church this morning!  The wind has picked up this afternoon and has the snow driving & drifting so much that I don’t think I will brave it for our walk.

It has been great having the weekend off. What have I done  you ask?  Well I wrote on a few Facebook walls (link me as your friend and you never know, yours may be next) other than that, I did absolutely nothing!



  1. Your blog is just awsome! Thank you! Will you have next year seminars in Europe?

  2. Looks like fun!! I also braved the blizzard this weekend in New England for a hike with my boys – they loved it!

  3. sounds a lot like my weekend..many plans postponed due to weather! You are LUCKY to have DeCaff enjoy the snow!! Simba…well, not when it’s this deep. And NEVER without his snowsuit!! LOL! I have a small idea of what having a small child must be like! Check out his blog for pics and video of him trudging through!


    I did manage to do some training in our apartment building. Nose touches at the bottom of the stairs, and we did some rear-end awareness stuff with him stepping in baskets. :o)

    If you get a new friend request..it might be from me!

    I hope the weather holds out on Boxing Day for the 2×2 Weave lecture. Can’t wait!

  4. Yay! A surprise weekend off! How wonderful. Your dogs sure enjoyed it by the looks of those photos!

    I was snowed in a few days ago (upstate NY) and began playing Crate Games with my 8 year old Husky mix and 7 year old Alaskan Malamute (I just got the DVD in the mail)My pups LOVE IT! I can’t believe how much fun we are having. My dogs are like “OMG WOW, I get food for hanging out in HERE??!! Gosh Mom why didn’t we play THIS game sooner?”
    (they are use to me asking them to balance on exercise balls, quite impressive for an 88lb Mal!)

    I also got your 2X2 DVD in the mail the same day and I can not WAIT for the snow to melt so we can get started! It’s such an AWESOME DVD set and you have such fabulous energy and make every little bit seem like so much fun!!!

    Thank you, Susan, for this blog and so many terrific DVDs!

    Tara (Hermes & Athena too!)
    Ballston Spa, New York

  5. I’m so excited that you have this blog.I’ve started agility last year with my mom’s dog.This year I have my own puppy and we are doing Crate games. I’ve also read your book Shaping success. Both DVD and the book are great.

  6. I really enjoyed the 2×2 DVDs. I love the footage of watching you train–it makes me feel a whole lot better about what I’m doing as I train! I’m not so bad after all! Thank you for a fun and informative DVD set. I loved the outtakes, too. All of it made me want to run outside and start working right away! But I have to wait until Friday so I can rent a place to work indoors.

  7. I received a great present Christmas Eve – my 2×2 DVD arrived! Stayed up to the early hours of the morning watching both discs and now that I’ve also got my bonus free gift I’m ready to start working. My dog already has good weavers (that I trained using 2×2) but I’m sure I can improve her entries with the program explained so clearly in the DVD. This time I’m going to record keep too 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  8. Happy Boxing Day!!
    Decaf, you are more than welcome to come back to Dallas anytime. It’s 70 degrees here today. Oh, and you can bring Susan if you like.

    • Hey, hows that you know about boxing day?

  9. All the good people know about Boxing Day 🙂

  10. My dog Lucky doesn’t really love the snow, but sure enjoys the walks. Thanks for your blog!

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