Educational, Entertaining or Inspiring

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Educational, entertaining or inspiring. That has been a goal of my blog writing. I want visiting here to be a positive experience, where you go away feeling good about yourself, your dogs or life in general.  I am not a big “blog” reader myself, but of the few that I have read I have found some of the entries to be either long, drawn accounts of what the blogger did that day, or a bitter tale of how unfair things are and how life should be different.  I am definitely a “the-glass-is-half-full” or even “three-quarter-full” and possibly “over-flowing” kind of girl. I am a person that thinks in terms of abundancy rather than scarcity. 

I am grateful to all of the  people who are willing to bare their humility in the name of allowing others to be educated, entertained or inspired while watching their training on my blog.  There is an old saying that goes “if you can’t be a glowing example, be a tragic warning”.  So we get a bit of both today with Marilynn sacrificing herself in the name of education. Now Maryilyn has done some great training with her dog “Debit”. He is drivey, has a good retrieve and has great focus for his job. However, Marilyn has a few mechanical details she needs to iron out. In the name of your best education, I would advise you all to watch this clip first with the sound turned off so you can play the role of coach. I have already told you some of what she is doing well, now without the volume, you try to pick out the areas of 2×2 training that need improvement. Then watch it again and see if you were able to come to the same conclusions I do.

I love Marilynn’s enthusiasm. Note how much fun she is having with her dog. That should be a goal for everyone. Training should make you laugh and be a source of joy. . . yes, even when we struggle. With each struggle there is an opportunity to improve and what an awesome rush that is when the dog & you finally “get it!”

Today I am grateful to Marilynn and people like her that have graciously supplied their training clips to me. Check out Cat at  http://strata2×2.blogspot.com/ who is blogging about her  2×2 training. Maybe I will get a chance in the future to show a clip of what she is doing.


  1. Thank you to both Susan and Marilynn for this entry. I teach some “students” and their dog so watching this clip with the sound turned off as Susan advised was a really good exercise. By the way I noticed all but one mistake so I’m quite happy 🙂
    I like when people have fun training their dog. Good luck with your training Marilynn !

  2. Got to tell you Susan, if your goal has been education, entertainment and inspiration in sharing your blog, give yourself a treat. You are certainly meeting all three of your criteria!
    I discovered your blog yesterday and have gone back and read and watched the video you have provided since starting the blog in November. I just have to say THANK YOU!
    You are unbelievably generous to take the time and energy to share your knowledge and experience with all of us. I will be back daily to check in.
    Thanks again, Deborah White, Fallbrook, Ca.

  3. Thank you Marilynn for allowing this entry and also for Susan’s comemntary. I found the clip very helpful and was able to pick out the things Susan also suggested so I feel I’m on the right track and find the blog very useful. Marilynn realize you’re not alone! We all go back to that ‘comfort’ zone when we run into issues, I know this has been my hardest feat was allowing the dog to fail! Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for posting so much information about training weaves. Im not currently training 2 X 2’s but Im thinking about it. It seems difficult. Would the people who you have shown and given suggestions, known what they were doing wrong if you hadnt told them? I really like all the info on where to reward and learning to throw the toy. I will diffently be practicing throwing the toy into the basket. Can you just use 2 poles to teach entries and then add them to you 12 pole setup if your dog knows how to weave or do you have to go through the whole process with all the poles for it work? Thanks, Diana

  5. Hi Susan

    Thanks for all you’re sharing with us, your DVDs, your books and this amazing blog ! At least your DVD has arrived in France and waouh ! it was worth waiting for it. All is so clearly explained in your DVD ! And now for the first time in my short life as an agility trainer, i’m HAVING FUN with my dog teaching her how to weave. In less than 10 minutes Lollipop has learned to have wonderful entries ans has such a drive for this new game …
    However, i have a question : you advised someone living in Europe not to use his stick in the ground poles but to buy 3 sets of 2. The trouble is that the only shipping cost is almost 300 dollars. Do you think i can build up 3 sets by myself ? What measures should i respect ? What should the poles look like ?
    Thanks again ! ( and apologize my poor english …)

  6. Ok, I’m stumped. In Marilynn’s video around 1:28 where she experiences the failure I’m getting the same failure, so I resisted from making it easier but the failures occured for about 8-10 tries before I started to see some slowness begin to occur. Am I safe to say I’ve gone too far with not enough work in the other areas of the arc? As well, where you discuss about her being on the left of the poles, my understanding is that if the dog is on the left and you are on the left the dog should go down to the far set of the 2’s and turn back towards you am I correct in saying this? And if so, what do you do with a dog that is flicking infront of you ‘father flick’? to take the poles closest to you, instead of going down to those far poles?

  7. Does anyone out there in blogland feel like me – like an uncoordinated person trying to learn the tango…The work shown on the videos is so impressive!
    After my first sessions I find it is helpful to do as Susan suggests, and spray paint that important reward line. I also marked out my “martini” glass and entry arc side lines (on a cement patio make chalk lines).
    Wishing you Susan and your team, good health and happiness in the new year.

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