Toilets and wall tiles

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I spend the day yesterday with my friends Penny and Lynda going through kitchen displays and sitting on toilets shopping for the new house. How exhausting. John stayed behind on this trip so I was told “I could look but not comitt to buying anything!”  Too funny that men actually think they get a vote in things like decorating! However, I must admit, John does have good taste (in that he mostly agrees with what I like) so, so far this house adventure has gone relatively smooth. 

I bet you didn’t realized there are different sized toilets and possibly you don’t care. What they call “comfort-height” is all the new rage and everyone is trying to sell me on the idea.  We had to go into a room in the back when I kept insisting I wasn’t going to buy a commode that, when seated, I couldn’t touch the ground. Since “comfort height” toilets where designed for tall people to be comfortable on for long periods of time. Being 5’2″ doesn’t qualify me as “tall”Hidden in the back in a small room was a “family height” potty. One meant for 5’2″ people like me:). Besides the plumbing store we hit a kitchen design store (that was my favorite), a tile store, a lighting store (amazing how many tacky light fixtures there are out there), back to the kitchen store and finished up the day with good ole Home Depot. I left the house at 7:00 AM and didn’t get back home until almost 7 PM. Whew. I managed to squeeze in some dog training from 5-5:30 AM before I left the house. I am fortunate that I have an occupation where I can take off a day during the week to do this, but still it gets tough trying to manage training my dogs, teaching students, computer time, family life and having a house built. I can’t imagine how people do it that work 9-5 have a house built and get their kids to hockey night on time! You have my undying- organizational respect! Today John and I are spending the day with the builder, once again out of here by 7 AM, hence the reason for the brevity of this post. Anyone has a good idea for a cabinet design around a bathtub (one that the tub sits in) send it on!

Today I am grateful for memories like the one when I had the entire weekend off and did nothing:)



  1. “and sitting on toilets”

    That just gave me a funny image and made me giggle!

  2. We just finished having a house built, so I know exactly what you’re going through! I don’t want to pick anything else out for a very long time! We both work full time but fortunately our daughter is under 2, so no hockey (or junior handling!) yet, and our dog was in her ‘borrowed time’ (but totally comfortable because of her meds – she waited until the day we took the keys to the new house before she needed to go) so no extra worries beyond the house, which took 5 months from start to finish. We went with Mirolin tub-shower combos http://www.mirolin.com that didn’t need a cabinet, so can’t help there, but they are very easy to clean (my priority!).

  3. Thought you were going to talk about toilet training again. 🙂 But house building is just as entertaining.


  4. Crap! Just now reading this. I have an awesome picture of a cabinet designed around a bathtub in this additions & reno’ mag., I could have brought it today. If it’s any help – It pulls out at the top with a hinge at the bottom, like a hamper. It holds towels, in the mag. they’re rolled & stacked in pretty colors. It’s at the narrow end of a tub, a tub with a view.

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