Laugh out loud

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today I am on my way to Minnesota and then on to Wisconsin. I am going to try to catch up with computer stuff while I am on the road:).  I would like to invite you to laugh out loud today. As I have mentioned in the past. I love to laugh. I keep a few video clips I keep on my computer that make me laugh and I play them every once and a while. Here is one that I have favoured on my youtube site. I have a few. John Pinette has got to be one of the best comedians ever, for his timing of delivery and facial expressions. Plus he is hysterical without being totally disgusting & crude, a very unique feature in today’s comedians. If you watch this to the end you will see how salad has become a conditioned reinforcer for John. My favourite part is when the girl scout rings his door bell.

Enjoy. Today I am grateful for the combination of my sense of humor  and lack of a great memory. IT allows me to watch the same thing over and over and laugh out loud like I had never seen it before.



  1. Okay, I now have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard…… thank you!

  2. Thank goodness no/low carb is not all the rage any more…

  3. Laffing! And as if that weren’t hysterical enough, on the “possibly related posts” we read: “Laugh your Way Thin – 6 Reasons Why It Works” !!

    Last but not least, “I swallowed a quarter when I was seven…and 50 dollars came out” !?
    When my doggie, a small pyrenean shepherd, was about a year and a half, he once pooped out, I swear to God, in one go, about a foot and a half length of various coloured tuggy toy string…

  4. Funny and so true!

    Sometimes people give me the “oh….you use food (or play)” to reward my dogs for a job well done and not meaning it in a nice way.

    You have made me realize that I can bring up to these same people that we humans use conditioned reinforcers all the time and it’s even ingrained into our upbringings ……..

    “Eat your dinner if you want dessert”…”do your homework or chores before you go out to play” later becomes, ‘work before play”.

    How can we NOT use this powerful tool with our furry friends.

    I’m new to your blog and find it refreshing. Thank you!

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