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Idea List for Shaping

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okay, to follow up on the shaping post, here is my, not-yet-completed list of things to shape. When I get it finished, I will post in on my website. If you would, please look over the list, alert me to any duplications you see and write up your own suggestions. They don’t need to be “tricks” but rather responses you can shape. Some with props, some without. Certainly there are some behaviours unique to certain dogs. It may be easier to teach one do to speak quietly than another. Some of the behaviours I have taught to one of my dogs I likely wouldn’t consider for another (for example I don’t know if I would trust Buzz to hold a lite cigarette the way I did Stoni (he may decide he liked it too much but knowing him he would move on and get with Micheal Phelps for some real action:))).  Seriously there are physical strengths and weaknesses that makes one response more suitable for one dog over another. I wouldn’t teach a hand stand to a dog that wants to pull on their front end in agility but I would get them walking upright (provided they were strong enough for it). You also must consider the age, and physical attributes of your dog and perhaps consult a PT before you undertake them. Mostly they should be fun for both of you.

List of Ideas to Shape

  1. Shake a Paw 
  2. ItsYerChoice (cookies on your paws, face etc)                    

    Stoni performing "hold" and "Pals" - -  Shelby being a good sport!

    Stoni performing "hold" and "Pals" - - Shelby being a good sport!

  3. Wave
  4. Bow
  5. Cross Paws in Down
  6. Walk while crossing paws
  7. Chase tail one way then the other
  8. Show me Your Belly
  9. Stretch while on your back
  10. Speak
  11. Speak quietly
  12. Talk (different than barking)
  13. Crawl
  14. Back up
  15. Jump Into My Arms
  16. Limping on front leg
  17. Don’t Peak (cover your eyes)
  18. Dig
  19. Roll Over (one way) Tumble (the other)
  20. Play Dead 
  21. Moonwalk (back up while laying down)
  22. Pop Backwards vs walk backwards
  23. Jump Up & Down on the spot
  24. Walk on Front Paws
  25. Hold (any item)                    

    Twister praying.

    Twister praying.

  26. Stretch
  27. Get Your Tail (wrap from legs around mine)
  28. Take my Leg
  29. Where’s Your Big Butt (lay down and put your butt in the air)
  30. Target yourself with your nose
  31. Meow (lick Lips & growl)
  32. Dead Dog  
  33. Pray 
  34. Lick your lips
  35. Wipe your face
  36. cover your eyes
  37. In the chair
  38. Lift your rear leg on a person/chair etc
  39. Wrap yourself in a blanket
  40. Turn on/off lights
  41. “no” turn head in disagreement (do you agree?)
  42. sit up pretty
  43. Stand tall
  44. transition from sit pretty to tallpict2774
  45. Transition from tall to sit pretty
  46. Cover nose with both paws
  47. yawn
  48. open door / pull latch
  49. pick up and carry 
  50. growl/ show teeth
  51. lick your nose
  52. go under chair
  53. back flip
  54. circle around something
  55. High Five/10
  56. target with rear paw                         Feature doing puppy Yoga; “downward facing dog”
  57. Pals-put your arm around another dog                    
  58. Stand on two paws (on same side)
  59. Go to target & sit or down
  60. retrieve Kleenex
  61. Go-see–visit someone           
  62. Walk upright on hind legs         

    Feature sits pretty

    Feature sits pretty

  63. circle right, circle left
  64. Put toys away 
  65. Put stuff in the trash
  66. Discriminate items on scent
  67. Discriminate items on sight
  68. Lay flat out on your side
  69. Target your butt with your nose
  70. Pivot on front legs
  71. Pivot on rear legs (turn on haunches)
  72. Show your teeth/smile
  73. In a box then shrink it down—all paws in a tiny tupperware container
  74. Stand with your front paws on my shoes
  75. Walk with your front paws on my shoes
  76. Walk up the walk with rear legs 
  77. Puppy yoga (downward facing dog)
  78. Jump into arms
  79. Jump through my arms
  80. Jump and spin off of me
  81. Jump onto my back
  82.  weaving backwards between legs                   

    Encore playing ItsYerChoice

    Encore playing ItsYerChoice

  83.  Puppy Pretzel (roll your head as far between your front legs as possible)
  84. Bear Skin run – lay flat on with legs behind you and head on the ground
  85.  Praying on the bedside or chair
  86. Kill the toy (shake it violently)
  87. Clean the floor (allow me to drag you)
  88.  Balance on a physio disc
  89. Sitting pretty lifting one front paw then the other
  90. Give kisses
  91. Hand Target
  92. Give kisses to another dog
  93. Climb a ladder
  94. Ride a skate board
  95. Be pulled by another dog
  96. Stand with your 4 paws on my 2 legs (while I am sitting on the floor with my legs out in front)
  97. Rest your head flat on the floor
  98. Front paws up on the wall (like you are going to be frisked by a policeman)
  99. Hide your head under the couch
  100. Go to your bed,matt or other targeted location


Today I am grateful for the unique behaviours each of my dogs have learned over the years.