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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catchy title for a blog post eh? But really I have some good stuff for all of you and it is f-r-e-e! I have decided to give away 31 dog training tips during the month of March, but there is catch. It is a perk I am only extending to those of you that are signed up to my newsletter. If you sign up half way through the month you will not have access to any newsletter I may have already sent out (mostly because I don’t know how to access them once I have sent them:)). If you are already a newsletter subscriber (you would have received a newsletter yesterday or today) do nothing and these tips will start appearing March 1st. If you are not a subscriber sign up now at our website, on the front page under Susan’s Newsletter or Sign up for Our Newsletter or something like that. So get the word out to all of your friends as I will not be posting these tips anywhere else. If you think this blog has been helpful to you, then you WILL want to be on the list to receive the free dog training tips that I have planned–everything from how I pick a puppy to how I walk an agility course.  Stayed tuned, March will be action packed for all of us, I for one have 16 seminars days to teach throughout the month of March, can’t get more action-packed then that (unless of course you have 17, in which case I would have to have 18 because that is just the kind of person that I am:)).

Today I am grateful for all of the new trick training ideas everyone sent me yesterday. My dogs won’t know what hit them!


  1. Roll on March the 1st then! Thank you

  2. Hello Susan,
    I’m Anastasie from Russia we talked with you some time ago. And where can I be put into emaillist?

  3. You crack me up about the one more seminar comment. I was thinking of you on my drive to work today. I am in awe of your talent and your success. I also see the need to be steadfast in your training as you are a role model to so many. I watch your videos and its mind boggling how amazing your dogs are when they demonstrate something. I have had the luxury of watching you train your dogs and its no different than watching the videos. Keep on truckin and let the fountain of information keep on flowing.

    On an aside, with all this shaping, as I trained last night the focus forward which my ATCH dog has no clue about, go figure, well I sit her, give her a wait – background, my sit stays were awesome before, it was the get off your butt and go was my problem. Well Trudy is wiggling, backing up (trick taught this week), downing, releasing, jumping. So not to be an idiot too long and my memory of our last session hasnt totally faded (table!!) I stood tall, not pensive, returned to reward the sit in position and built on her holding her sit and worked on her focussing forward and not offering 1000 other things. I think I might be getting it and man is Trudy coming alive.

  4. Ooh-ooh-ooooh! (hand raised in the air) ME ME ME ME ME! I want ’em.

  5. Thank you Susan for all of the information that you give so freely. I have some of your books and videos, but I just can’t afford to attend one of your seminars right now. Your generosity and time to maintain this wonderful blog is greatly appreciated and has helped tremendously in training my young dog.

    I am blown away by your 2 X 2 method. It is my first time training a dog using 2 x 2. I taught my first two dogs to weave by luring. In a matter of a month, my 15 mo. old dog is weaving with accuracy and hitting entrances that my experienced dogs might sometimes miss. To say 2 X 2 far exceeded my expectations is an understatement.

    Today I am thankful for Susan Garrett’s generosity and wisdom.

  6. I look forward to your news letter and your Blog

  7. Very good!! Thank’s.

  8. Susan, I’m getting your newsletter forwarded to me, how do I sign up to get my own copy?

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