Reciprocity . . . Thank you, no thank YOU, no, no, really THANK YOU!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I just love the word “reciprocity”. If it shorted easier I would have named a dog that:). Webster’s describes it as follows: the quality or state of being reciprocal: mutual dependence, action, or influence.

When I started writing this blog I guess I really didn’t know where it would take me or what I was supposed to write. It has just kind of, taken on a life of it’s own. Sometimes I can whip off a post in 15 minutes. However, occasionally I may be working on one post for several hours or more before it is complete. I don’t know why, but I just get the feeling that it is important that I expand upon a particular subject, and I know the time is passing, but I keep at it anyway. I have never regretted the extra time I have spent because I get those awesome thank you notes you guys have been posting in my comments section–I do appreciate all of you that have been sharing your words of praise. What you have written has been very kind and I feel very humbled when I tell you that I feel like I have a relationship with each of you, even though I have never met many of you in person.

 So I am going to be completely honest, recently it has come to my attention that the direct sales on our website has dramatically increased since I have been writing this blog. Not that I needed justification for the time I have spent, but it appears that the hours I may spend typing to you at my computer, has resulted in many of you reciprocating my efforts by purchasing product directly from us at the clickerdogs.com website. That is really awesome, and I just wanted to let all of you know how very much I do appreciate it. Yes, I would still be blogging even if you hadn’t, but B.F. Skinner has proven to all of us how well positive reinforcement works to increases behaviour:). So now, if I get carried away obsessing about the details of a blog post, I can look at it as me reciprocating the efforts of the last person that checked out our new on line store to make that most recent purchase. For that I truly thank you. 

Today I am grateful for all of you that have been letting me know that you find value in the dog training suggestions I have made on this blog.  Even though I may not have time to answer each of you, I do read all of your notes and look at all of those video links you send me. I thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.



  1. Finding and reading your blog helps me to be a better dog trainer, not only for what you write, but it also reminds me about other things you have said either on your DVD’s or your visits to Australia. Through this contact it brings more value to the face to face contact – well for me anyway. To put it in Bob Bailey terms, it is sort of like having a Skinner on your shoulder instead of the Pavlov (or a really big conscience reducing the crappy dog training).

  2. I love the blog as its a much needed distraction from the real world of studying. I always eagerly anticipate reading your updates.

    They certainly have served as a wake up reminder on all the things I have picked up in the countless dvds I have watched and books I have read.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Dear Susan
    I am very grateful for the insights and acecdotes you are sharing on this blog. Living as I do, far away from any of the agility epi-centers, self-reliance is essential to my continued growth as a trainer. The blog is truly helping to enhance my understanding of your DVD’s and books.
    I hope you will continue to feel reinforced and will keep writing!

  4. i’m glad that you are benefitting financially. a nice side effect of being so generous with your time and expertise. i do alot of volunteer work, with and without my dogs, and i know that the person who gets the most out of it is me.you had a great idea of blogging, and i’m curious to know how many subscribers you have. look at all the people you are inspiring to be better dog trainers…and maybe in other ways too.

  5. I agree that blogging and reading blogs/comments DOES make you feel like you know someone, to some degree. I think the true inner us comes out when writing. The things we think, those things that run thru our minds – that we may or may not have spoken, come out in writing. It’s nice. 🙂

    I look forward to the day when I can meet you and thank you in person.

  6. Think Kindle – would love to get your books in that format so I can take them on the road easier!!!

  7. The best part of today was buying a small skateboard, and resisting the urge to say at the checkout, “It’s for my dog !” Your tip about symmetry is timely because I’m going back to “Foundation fundamentals” and using a small target clipped with a clothespin to the left and right pant leg for my dog to nose touch for heel work.
    I also appreciate reading everyone, thanks to Natalie Kirkwood for “all 4 feet on a fitball” (put it in a plastic basin so it doesn’t roll) and Ingerid Margrete for the “something on your nose” videos…

  8. Trudy here is a pic of my young Beardie standing on his fit ball. Glad it was helpful.

  9. Love it! my pyr shep has the same colour and “look”, only smaller, as Spaghetti.. Kisses and hugs.

  10. Since I first saw you in a seminar a few years ago, I’ve been hooked on your method of training. Before you started this blog I found it difficult sometimes to stay focused on your methods when I didn’t have any ongoing contact with your teachings. Now with the blog, I’ve not only found it easy to stay focused but I’ve found it inspirational. I’m pleased that you’re receiving a direct benefit from the blogging too! It’s well deserved.

  11. Thank You soooo much for this blog and the many other training tools you send our way. I live in an area where positive AND operant dog training is not hugely prevalent. I rely mostly on books, dvd’s and the internet for training info. Your blog is inspirational; it just seems to put me in a good frame of mind for training. And I LOVE all the training ideas! (skateboarding away…) Thanks! I’m glad you are benefiting financially too! (that’s always a nice plus :-))

  12. I’m in total agreement with Denise! Having the blog is a continual reminder that I need to remain focused on foundation exercises and keeping a sense of play in all the interactions I have with my dogs. Reading your blog is like sitting down in the mornings and sharing a cup of coffee with you! So, right now to thank you I will fill a void in my training DVD library and go to your online store to purchase crate games. More fun with my furkids.

    Thanks for everything, Susan.

  13. Susan,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Triton and I just went out for our first three days in competition and your recent blogs on choosing the long-run over quick gratification and other information was a tremendous help! we had MANY MANY MANY baby-dog and green-handler bobbles … but we had MUCH more success! I truly believe I owe a HUGE thanks to you, your blog, and the time you take to work with each of us, (even though we’ve never met in person)! Thank You … A successful weekend (even on the runs that were NQ’s) was absolutely wonderful … and while me and the 17 month old “wild-man” have a lot of work to do … I couldn’t have learned more in our first weekend out together!

    Thanks Susan! Now, back home to proof our problems and work on even more success for weekend two!


  14. Thanks Susan for sharing your dog training knowledge via the 31 Tips. You are most generous.

    AND thank you for your weave training DVDs. They are awesome and have my little speed demon really doing well.

    Judy Caughlin and Storm

  15. Very neat post. This was one of our vocab words in English recently. =)

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