Not Receiving the Tip of the Day?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has come to my attention that some of you are not receiving your copy of my newsletter, which means you have missed the first 3 of the 31 training tips I have sent out so far this month. All of you that have contacted us, I have checked and each of you have an email provider that is “bouncing” my messages. I contacted my provider and this is what they wrote back to me.

ISPs use many methods to determine how messages coming into their users are handled (and individual users have a level of control over mail filtering as well).  One common method is content filtering,  which is based on the content of the subject and body of messages. This appears to be what occurred with the messages sent to your subscriber.

Since every ISP is different in the security settings that they set,  there is no exact way to determine why they are blocking the message. What you may want to do is have your subscriber contact the post master at that ISP and express to them that they have requested to receive information from sayyesnews@profollow.com and  it appears that they are blocking the incoming message.  Their provider should remove the filter for that email and they will be able to receive information from you after that.

I hope that helps. So far there were only 11 people that have had their newsletters bounced back, but if you are one of them, that really sucks! So contact your provider so you don’t miss out on anything else! For those of you that haven’t yet signed up to get the newsletter you can do it on my website. The sign up form is now located in the top, right hand corner under “Susan’s Newsletter!”

Today I am grateful that I am heading home tomorrow after an action-packed two weeks on the road. Thanks to everyone in Minnesota and Wisconsin (and those that traveled in from out of state) that came out to join in on our fun and frivolity (ok there was some  serious-type dog training as well). My dogs and I had a blast, but I am still looking forward to getting home!



  1. I was one of the 11 affected by a problematic ISP my solution I have signed up for a Yahoo account and will use that account for the newsletter. Simple, cheap and easy solution.

    • Excellent idea Wendy, thanks for sharing!

  2. I like tip #3! It’s a lot of fun and the look on my dogs face is just priceless!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Will you be applying for the CAT this year?

  4. Thanks for all you shared with us at the WI seminars.

    I had a great time and learned alot!!!

    And no really…….THANK YOU!

  5. I had previously been signed up for your mailing list (in December, when I bought the 2×2 workbook), but did not receive the first tip. I signed up again and have been receiving my tips as normal.

    So if in doubt, just try it again!

  6. Hi Wendy,
    Good idea about the Yahoo email, that worked for me too.

  7. I do have a question. I just signed up so not sure where I am to post this training question. I have a 7 1/2 mo. male puppy who when we go outside gets so excited he runs and jumps at me and comes from behind and jumps and nips me. It pinches and hurts. I am not quick enough, he is fast, to get ahold of him to correct him. I have tried turning and walking away and it doesn’t seem to help. I am going to try a squirt bottle next. I need to get this stopped. He is the only of my pack that does it. I have not seen him to it to my husband. I would appreciate some tips. This needs to stop.

  8. Susan, thank you so much for your discussion about remembering the jumpers class! For years, I have been known as Off Course Christine in this class. Many times I have done the same loop 3 times over because I could not remember if it was the second or third pass. It is particulary bad for for me at the end of the day after I have been running my 3 dogs – although my BC Buddy considers it the best when we get stuck in “the endless loop.” Good to know that I am not the only one out there with this issue.

    Got any tips for running dogs at the same jump height and level with different emotional / motivational / handling preferences?

    • Hey Christine great suggestion for a new tip, thanks. I have already got all of the tips for this month programed but I will use it in the future for sure!

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