Tweener Camp Starts Today

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reminder for everyone and the theme of camp; aim for balance in everything you do.  Remember if we do the little things greatly, the great things become little. I am grateful to each of you, I read your comments and grow with the knowledge you share with me as I share with you!   Have a great weekend everyone. Take 3 minutes today to think of all of the things you are grateful for, it really is an empowering exercise!



  1. What a nice idea

    I am greatful for my dogs, how each of them has been such a wonderful forgiving teacher in helping me become a better trainer

    and the internet – for all the great tips you can find and people you can meet

  2. I am grateful for making it through the first day of Tweener Camp 🙂 But I am especially grateful to Susan and her great Instructors who are constanly making me think and evaluate my training choices.By remembering to relax and stiving to find balance in all aspects of my training I know we will be able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

  3. I just want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend camps with Susan and then Lynda OH when they were in Australia. Maybe one day I will get to puppy camp in Canada

  4. I’m greatful for my dogs, all the lesons they teach me, for my friends, for beeing such good, undestaing ones that always put a smile in my face no matter how bad my day has been, for my parents, whom gave me all the oportunities that I could ask for and for all good-willing people that crosses my way, enhancing my knowledge of things I love and opening my eyes to new things.

  5. I am grateful for many things (far too many to list here), but one which is on my mind today is this: I am grateful that to those who are continue to help me even though I don’t always accept feedback with a smile, especially when I’m frustrated or thinking too hard.

  6. Oops — left an extra “that” and “are” in there — I am grateful to those who continue to help me even though I don’t always accept feedback with a smile, especially when I’m frustrated or thinking too hard.

    I am also grateful that no one will judge me for my lack of proofreading . . . . 😉

  7. I am thankful for so many many, things but most of all I am thankful that I can choose my own focus, I can choose my own attitude. I can think about the things I am thankful for. I have been practicing the conscious direction of my thoughts for a little over two years now and it seems that Susan and the “Say Yes” philosophy are my next learning step to take! I am looking for what I want to see and reinforcing it and watching it grow! Cool!

    I am also thankful to hear that there will be puppy camps this summer and in Nov. because my new puppy is coming in June!! Yippy! Love ya Susan!

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