New Experiences for Traveling Dogs

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My dog are country folk. While at home, life is pretty quiet. We walk on our own 28 acres so do not meet up with new dogs. There are few children that come to visit and those that do, are very well behaved.  Almost all dogs that we come across are either at an agility trial or coming to camp so they are met while controlled on a leash. Cars come down our driveway only for camps and they drive very slowly. All of that has changed for Encore and Feature this week since we came to British Columbia. We are staying at a hotel on a very busy 6 lane street, much like a highway in the city. We have to cross this street each day to walk to the nearby park where I let the girls run. Each day we have been met by a troop of young boys that hoot and holler and race the dogs because they are sure they can beat them in a foot race (it is obvious the male’s illusions of grander starts very young:)). Yesterday I spent my my day off with my friend up in Whistler. Bill and his wife Wanda have an amazing new house very close to where the Olympic downhill event will be held next year. When we arrive Wanda had an AMAZING vegan dinner waiting for us. She is one awesome cook and not even vegetarian herself! In the morning Feature, Encore and I joined Bill and his dog “Brigg” on their morning meet ‘n greet with the local dog folk. They get together every morning at 8 AM for a mountain hike. There was about 15 dogs and 7 people. It was fascinating to see my dogs interact. All of the other dogs in the group were males. Some intact, some not, but  most very happy to have new butts to sniff. Encore took everything in stride, ignored the boys while leading the pack on romps up the mountain, through the woods. You would have wondered who was the local and who was the guest! We climbed through the mountains for about an hour. Feature would not leave my side for the first 20 minutes or so. Encore would run but always kept an eye on us never straying too far. Eventually she came back to collect Feature. It took a bit of convincing but it was fascinating to watch her coax her less confident house-sister out to play with the rest of the dogs.

All of my dogs do get “puppy socializing” but honestly not much off leash interaction with dogs they do not know after they have “grown up”. If I had been asked to bet previous to this week, I would have said Encore would be the more timid one in a group of strange dogs and Feature the confident know-it-all. I guess her 22 months really showed as Feature relied on her big sister to teach her how ignoring the boys is always the best thing to do in life!

We went out for a shorter jaunt along another mountain trail before we headed back to Vancouver (for more workshops starting today). This walk was just Feature and Encore so they really ripped it up. Here is a short vignette of the adventure.youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mESVBeQS9Dg

Today I am grateful for the great friends like Bill and Wanda.



  1. Sounds like a glorious place. The vignette didn’t come through 😦

  2. OK – got it! Thanks!

  3. I need to know what the people who go hiking every day at 8:00 AM do for a living?

    Time for a career change!

    • Chris, that was my first question when we got back to the car! Apparently there are little to no “offices” in Whistler, they all had employment (one owned a hair salon with Monday’s off) the rest all worked from home so they met up for their morning walk and coffee before “their” day began. Sweet!

  4. Susan, I looked up the pill you found in your hotel room in your post last night and I believe it is hydrochlorothiazide and triamterene, which is a combination of two diuretics. Probably not likely to hurt them unless they have pre-existing issues, but it sure might make them pee a lot!

    I also know of people who have had dogs get into rodenticides in hotel rooms, so I also case the room before I bring my dogs in. I have been lucky though and have never found anything too major.

    • Thanks Becky, and thanks to the rest of you pharmacologically-hooked up peeps that have sent me private notes helping me to identify that pill!

  5. Could Feature’s ears get ANY bigger? 🙂

    Love the vid! Although that snow scares the HECK outta me! And the chains! My luck, I would step on my dog’s foot and puncture it!

    Cisco would be a dumb dumb and would have jumped in that water and frozen to death. LOL!

    Great post, thanks for the glimpse!

  6. Cool video, I love the effects. The scenery is so beautiful, it would almost tempt me to go hiking in snow. What was your background music? I really liked it.

    • Hi Teri
      The music is “Anywhere Is” by Enya (from the CD “The Memory of Trees”)

  7. Wow! Snow and hiking-great stuff my dogs and I would LOVE to do! We hike, but through palmettos and sugar sand here in FL. I am jealous!

  8. Your videos have gotten so good…loved the dream sequence…nice tension at the end with those nasty chain shoes. I am officially re-naming you Susan Scorsese.
    PS Did you find any time to buy any Lululemon outfits now that you are in the heart of “active wear land”?

  9. Great job on the video!

  10. The pill could also have been Gravol, probably a common drug to be carried by travellers.

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