Impressive Dog Training

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It takes alot to impress me but this video taken in the 1950’s sure did.



Today I am grateful for vintage video like this one, it really is inspiring!



  1. Amazing!!! I missed not having a training tip waiting for me in my inbox this morning!! Thanks so much for doing those!!

  2. AMAZING!! I love the part where they put themselves to bed.

  3. Unbelievable, I laughed until I cried! AND THEY ARE AUSSIES!!!!


  5. Wow. My favorite part was seeing some of the dog offering behaviours in the background while he worked with the others. Very cute.

  6. Love it. Thank you Susan.

    I looked Jay Sisler up. He’s very interesting and his training methods will sound familiar to your followers:


  7. Those dogs are some of the foundation of the Australian Shepherd breed. And Aussies have no problems doing things on two legs ­čśÇ

  8. Very cool. I love it so much. I know that I will work on some of these tricks. It’s even more cool that I own an Aussie to do it with. He looks like a great dog trainer. In my mind, He’s the Roy Rogers of the dog world.

  9. Besides being totally awed by Sisler, I thought I detected a few good teeter games and rear end awareness exercises )c-

  10. That’s really cool! All you have to do now is teach Encore and Feature to play leap frog over one another. What interesting ideas for tricks, and what radical ideas for the 50’s!

  11. I loved the wind up toy!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing………

  12. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of why I am so passionate about dogs and what they can do.

  13. I’ve seen this video before, and am still amazed by it. I think Sisler was one of those trainers who just inherently knew how to get the most out of his dogs, without having much in the way of a formal understanding of training. Truly inspiring! I especially love how happy the dogs look to be working with him.

  14. WOW :O

  15. That was awesome! Now I have to go teach some of that great stuff, thanks for posting that!

  16. I have only recently been following your blog (from Australia) and have been convinced to try the 2×2 weaves with my young dog (and my first ever puppy). I have a concern though. Billy my young dog loves to tug when I’m attached to it but shows little interest in going after it and playing. So I worked on this and play games etc and now he will but only for probably 5 repetitions before he loses interest in going after it. He hasn’t lost interest in tugging because if I (rarely) pick it up he is full on ready to tug. So I feel this is a bit of a detriment to working effectively on the 2×2. Any suggestions on getting more interest in going out to retrieve the toy would be welcomed.

    Thank you for all the time you put in to making us better trainers!!

  17. Wow. Aussies Rock!

    Thanks for sharing Susan!! We all got a kick out of this!

  18. Just amazing. It jsut goes to show that time and patience and not just modern techniques are important when dealing with dog training.

  19. I love the way he puts his hat over his heart. Also, I’m crazy about those dogs putting themselves to bed.

  20. This movie had me awe struck, this man was truly before his time. I only hope I can train my dogs to do such awesome behaviors and be that happy to work with me!! You can tell they just live for him. Im always looking for new group tricks to teach my pack of border collies, these ideas will keep us busy for years! Im not even sure where to start training them, that greyhound was AMAZING! I have never seen one so well trained. Thank you Susan! Im going to share this with all my friends!!

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