Guest Appearance by Me:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ok just trying something different here for a change of pace, let me know what you think! Today I am grateful that I get to go home tomorrow!!! My flight is at 3:15 pm  and I am stoked!


  1. That was SWELL!! I’d like more guest appearances by Encore and Feature 🙂

  2. Love the guest appearance!! (maybe there is something to that mac stuff! LOL)

  3. Love it! More please. 🙂

  4. great idea! seems easier than writing. fun change of pace.

  5. I have a young Parson Russell who is a maniac tugger at home (loves any toy I give her), but has a hard time in more distracting situations.

    I train at an outdoor field where there are geese and ducks in a pen nearby, horses, other dogs, etc… Today at the field I tried putting her toy on a leash, and it was amazing. She tugged like crazy, and was able to do some bang work on the teeter, and gave me some lovely downs on the table.

    Thanks for this great suggestion!

  6. Susan- As always, you ROCK! Loved the little video. So nice to see you again. Maybe once a week you could answer a question this way?

  7. Oh I forgot to say- I really loved the tip of the day last month and I miss them terribly.
    I hope you realize how much we all appreciate you!

  8. Love the video blogs!

  9. ‘Ain’t technology great? Very cool!

  10. I like it!

    I would like to tell anyone who hasn’t got the “crate games” DVD to order theirs immediately. My dog who is stressed out by the “world” sat beautifully in his crate yesterday at a competition with 175 other dogs, and wasn’t freaked out before the start line. It’s big progress for both of us.

    I also tried and recommend 2 of Susan’s tips: #22 pick out landmarks on your walk-through, at a crucial front cross point for example,

    And #19: spend some training time on table work. (Oops! we went into overtime because my dog didn’t want to leave the table!! (Reward your dog when on the table AND looking at YOU)
    And the 2X2’s: it’s a great feeling to have confidence in your dog’s super weaves! A word to the wise: yesterday there was a big, so much more irresistible tunnel entrance just next to the weave entry! This will encourage me to do ALL the work on the grids!!

  11. Technology is great only if you can partake…

    Unfortunately, some of us are still out in the sticks and have slow dial-up and can’t see the videos! 😦

    I could watch it on my blackberry if I had a link…

    Thanks, and look forward to the day we have broadband out here!

  12. I really liked it! 🙂 For me that do not speak or write english everydag it would be great if post was read load. 😉

  13. Loved the guest appearance. Great idea!

  14. I’d love more of this, it is great to hear you!

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed the video blog. What fun !!
    I hope you do it allot. Great to see that Susan Garrett smile !

  16. That was fun. Thanks. I have been missing the daily training tips and
    SURPRISE! there you are in my kitchen. Just loved it.

  17. that was brilliant. I am one of those who doesn’t always reward the good bits – I will try harder to remember as my dogs work their little socks off in trying to please me, and deserve more thought in return!
    Thank you,

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