The Man is Brilliant

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful comments about the free podcast I am giving away. A special shout out goes to all of the generous “geeks” reading my blog that have posted suggestions to help others having difficulties with the download. Reciprocity rocks!

Since being away for almost 3 weeks I am trying to play a bit of catch up with lots of things before puppy camp starts tomorrow. Lots of decisions needed to be made about the new house, and lots of running around and wasting times in lines.  Yesterday I laughed out loud while waiting my turn at Business Depot, it put me to mind of this John Pinette clip and I thought of shouting “get outta the line”.  He seriously cracks me up and laughing is also one of those things the “experts” say is good for you. I don’t think you need to be so special to realize that one. Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone!

Today I am grateful that spring looks like it may show up for Puppy Camp this weekend.



  1. Congrats on the World Team! I’m sad there won’t be a red dog team but I’m super excited to watch you guys run.

    Today I’m grateful to have the day off work because…by Bob Bailey DVDs just arrived! 🙂


  2. Susan! You must check out his tour schedule! I know you are a very busy woman, but one must take time out to enjoy a live comedy show. If he is coming to Belleville, he must be going somewhere up near Say Yes! My mom loves him more than anything- it worked out well his show is 2 days before her birthday in May.

    Good Luck.
    Emily & Heist

  3. Sooo Funny! Thanks for sharing. See you at puppy camp tomorrow. We’re so excited!!

  4. I’ve learnt a lot from this Blog of yours but I have to say I love that you’ve introduced me to John Pinette! He’s brilliant!

  5. I love John Pinette. He is hysterical..

  6. Thanks for the great podcast……I have several friends signed up for the newsletter now. The training tips last month were really helpful for people, the podcast was an excellent idea, too. Thanks, Kathy

  7. Susan,

    I’m stuck at work today (but thankful that I have a “work” to go to in this economy) and I needed the laugh. You know what’s so great about this performance of John’s? It makes me realize that I’m the SAME exact way when it comes to people! I have the patience of a saint when it comes to my dogs & their training, but I’m usually screaming “GET OUTTA THE LINE!!!” to people that are in front of me. I think I always choose the wrong line! LOL

    Thanks for the laugh today. I love John’s clips that you post here!

    Gail & the ‘boys’
    Duncan, Teddy, Muggy, Speedy & Jake who’s at the bridge.

  8. Hi Susan:

    Loved the podcast. I am guiltyof not stopping and rewarding my dog when she does something we’ve been working on. As a novice handler, I get focused on getting myself in the right place giving the right cues and wanting to make it through a sequence. The podcast was a good reminder that we need to remember to look for the value in the journey.

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