Playing for Change

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is an awesome clip that is a perfect pick-me-up for anyone (especially those that can’t shake their flu bug). Please watch the entire clip it is awesome. Once you are done go to his youtube site http://www.youtube.com/playingforchange and watch the rest of them. Wow, is all I can say. Thanks for passing it along Chris!

Today I am grateful for the touching comments I am getting on this blog and on my survey this week. The dog agility community is an amazing one.



  1. I stumbled accross these vids a couple weeks ago. Truly inspirational, the power of music!

  2. It IS a wonder, and according to Rolling Stone, this is the 4th most performed song of the 20th century.

    I was curious to check out the French version “Tu croiras” recorded a couple of years after “Stand by me” came out in ’61, and the Italian version “Preghero” by Adriano Celantano. I notice the lyrics both translate similarly, something like: “I will pray for you…the day you come to me… that day you will believe in life…you will have faith”

  3. I met Washboard Chaz on a trip to New Orleans (pre-Katrina) … after his first set at Margaritaville, I immediately bought his CD. He’s an awesome musician. Small world.

  4. I’ve got a cold too – and now I’ve got goosebumps! Thanks for the wonderful pick-me-up. I sure appreciate it.


  5. Absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this video.

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