Do You Wii?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you Wii? (no not wee, Wii). Just throwing it out there to you all, kind of an informal survey (hey btw thanks to everyone that has taken the survey from last week, winners to be announced at the end of this week). I bought a Wii “Fit” last year when we had the FCI world team practice here. I thought it would be a good team bonding thing. Those of us that played, did have a blast.  So I am asking you guys.  Do you have Wii Fit, if so, which activities to you enjoy the most and why?  Do you use it as an actual “work-out”?  I have my own opinion on how Wii ties into dog agility, I will share with you once you guys give me your thoughts.

I finalized all of the appliances for the new house yesterday.  Not many decisions left for John and I as this process is winding down. I am very grateful for the fact that, although we are still months away from moving in, most of the major decisions have been made so now it is just a matter of patience:).


  1. I do not have a WII but my inlaws do- they use it as part of their keep in shape program, though I don’t think they use it much

    Judith Batchelor

  2. I do have a Wii Fit, although my favorite game is Wii Bowling which isn’t part of the fit. I am TRYING to get on a regular exercise schedule, but so far haven’t.

  3. I don’t own a Wii but would be interested in the replies about Wii Fit. 🙂

  4. Funny that you should bring this up today. I don’t have one, but my co-worker was raving about it yesterday and I started thiking that I should look into this.

  5. Yes we Wii. 😀

    We also have/had a Wii Fit. The sensors in ours stopped working so we haven’t been able to use it in a while.

    My favorite part is the Yoga because I was actually good at it (the rest of the games I was horrible at).

    My husband’s favorite part was the mini games because they work core strength and coordination.

    We both used it as an actual work out because we were very out of shape and going to an actual gym was very overwhelming. Once we got going with the Wii Fit, it was easier to transition into more vigorous exercises.

  6. I have a Wii, but not a Wii fit. I’m hoping that someone will invent a Wii Agility-game! I think that it shoiuld work just fine!

  7. I just got the Wii Fit yesterday…Can’t wait to see what some of the comments are.

  8. I love the Wii, it’s so much fun. At the moment I use it as an “actual work-out” instead of going to the gym, as I have a new puppy and don’t want to leave her alone for to long ;o)
    The puppy finds it very fun to watch and joins me every now and then, while my older dog is laughing out loud at my struggles (that’s when she’s not covering her eyes with her paws).

    • forgot to fill in which activities I prefer: ski jumping, boxing, step, hoolahoop and yoga.

  9. I do have a wii fit and LOVE it. I love all the balance games especially the wobble table it is great way to improve your body awareness.

  10. I looked at one a Costco this past weekend. Does that count??? :))

  11. I LOVE my Wii fit! We bought ours this winter to keep my daughter and I active. It has turned out to be a major competition in the house to see who has the most stamps at the end of the month, who has the highest scores for the balance games & cardio games, who “fitted” for the longest that day etc. Since the weather has gotten better we have not been at it as much but it is still part of our daily routine. I go home at lunch and she fits after school than we compare (and I usually have to jump on later in the evening to beat her score 🙂 I would say my favorite game has to be ski jumping, soccer ball heading and boxing. My daughter (who is 17) loves hoolahoop, step and yoga.
    Can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing and how this affects agility. Susan have you figured out how to get the dogs to do the Hula??? I wouldn’t put it past you 🙂
    Love the blog, glad you are back and feeling better we missed you!!!

  12. Yes, I have Wii Fit. I enjoy the balance games and trying to steer the balls around the holes. I tried jogging on it but much prefer to just head outside and take some dogs with me. I too will be curious how it relates to agility.

  13. We bought the Wii Fit as a family gift for Christmas and we were very diligent with it for about 6 weeks… It has been a while since I have been on it – I prefer the discipline of going to the gym – but once school is out this summer and I can’t go to the gym I intend to bring it out again. The most fun games are the step and the penguin. I rock at the ski jump! Used to be good at the hula but lost the knoack somehow and now I suck. Should see my hubby do it tho’ – totally hilarious to watch but his method is effective! Best work outs are the jooging (try chasing the pups to change your routes) and the boxing…

  14. LOL. I have a Wii Fit. My favorites are some of the balance games and the step games. Funny story though. It’s been commented on where I train about how uncoordinated I am while doing agility training. One day I was doing a balance game and my Wii asked me if I trip over my own feet! Everyone I train with got a good laugh out of that.

  15. I do not have a Wii but I did try Wii Fit and I think it would be very beneficial as a fitness program and to all dog sports. I was amazed at how bad my balance was. Just improving that would help me in agility and obedience. It is definitely on my list of things to get soon.

  16. Yep, I love it! I like the skiing and the balance games. I figure if I make the dogs work wobbly balls and body awareness I better do it too. I am NO good at the soccer game, I get beaned by the shoes and the pandas all the time!

  17. Love it! Use the yoga for fitness, balance, and concentration. Use the sports for family bonding time, but it helps with coordination too. Also use the ds games at bedtime to unwind. Love the brain age game.

  18. I’ve been thinking about getting one. Lord knows the beautiful new fancy treadmill in our living room gets NO love…maybe a Wii Fit will inspire us to exercise??

    Can’t wait to hear what you say about the Wii Fit. I just need a reason to save up for one…

    Andrea & Jason

  19. I got mine for Christmas. I have fun competing with my daughter. I do have a gym membership as well.

    I’ve figure I’ve missed my chance to be a world class ski jumper and the virtual hoola hoop is hilarious.

  20. I have a Wii Fit and love it. My fav is step but also like some of the yoga. I don’t use it as often as I should and my massage therapist told me to stop coming with Wii injuries lol.

  21. I also have a Wii, which is really fun to use, especially with the family. One thing I find funny about it though, is that my dogs Ozzie and Piper actually are not fans of our entire family bowling or doing wii fit. They feel they should participate too.

    It is really a spectacle when we use it!

  22. I have a wii fit and I love it. It gets used most at family holidays but gets pulled out probably once a week in general. Ski jumping, hulahoop and boxing are my favorites. I don’t consider it a ‘real’ workout even though my shoulders are sometimes sore after boxing.

  23. No, I don’t have one and I’ve never used one.

  24. I love my Wii! It’s a fun thing to play with friends! I enjoy the Wii Fit games that focus on the center of gravity, and the hula hoop game. Make sure critters are out of the way before playing Wii Bowling! (Dana knows a little something about this!) My FAVE is Mario Kart Wii, where I can drive a motorcycle as fast as I possibly can and crash into things! The best part, I can play wireless online so I can hook up with my friends all over the place, and we can race each other! My family room comes alive with many interesting words! :o)

  25. I Wii. I use it as actual exercise when my daughter is sleeping. I can break a sweat with the advanced step (I add in arms and knee raises), advanced hula hoop and boxing. The strength training and yoga can also be challenging.

  26. I just had to check it out ’cause at first I thought it had something to do with “FREE Wii”

  27. I have a wii and the wii fit and love it. The best one for me is the Yoga one and balance. These are good for my back so I dont end up in therapy again.
    I am interested in what you have to say about the wii fit and agility??
    Lets hear it.
    Take care!

  28. I like the idea of a Wii dog agility game – you could practice cues without screwing up your real dog! All those shoulder pulls and making sure your feet are pointed in the right direction – could be a great workout!

  29. I bought a Wii just last month and have a great time with any of the Wii Sports games, as well as Wii Fit – particulary the slalom skiing, hula hoops and any yoga exercises. Bowling was tough initially in my household, because two of the dogs were convinced we were really throwing something(underhand of course!) and would charge at the tv. So it became a great “crate game” opportunity! 🙂

  30. I have a Wii, but have not invested in Wii Fit system yet. I agree with Toktassarna, “Wii”-gility would be a blast!

  31. My kids are currently playing with the Wii ‘Iron Chef’. We do have the Fit and use it often (tennis is the favorite).
    Susan, how hard would it be for you to swap out the tennis game for a Border Collie and teach me exactly where to put my arms when I run using the Wii? : )

  32. omg! When this first came out I thought to myself what is the big fuss! They were sold out everywhere especially at x-mas. I tried it at a friends house once. Still didn’t get it. But I thought to myself that if someone put Greg Derretts handling system into this now we’re talking! I never get enough time practising these skills and would love to be able to perfect my arm changes without my dog.

  33. Hey look! http://www.gameexpress.com/product_detail.cfm?UPC=008888174387

    You can race on 36 different dog agility courses! Hmmmm.

    • I have that game, while it is pretty fun it isn’t really like an agility course. They are all straight.. Too bad our courses aren’t like that!

  34. Love it, love it, love it – except the part when it goes “oh” when you step on. I have a bit of a routine – step, hula hoop, boxing, balance games – that darn bubble and soccer game still get me, and some yoga. An hour goes by really fast – I usually do it weekends as I use my treadmill during the week or go to the gym withmy trainer. All this started last September in an effort to get in shape to keep up with Maggie. Sadly Maggie has been really shutting down lately and I’m faster than her for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I should put her on the Wii 🙂

  35. There I was, about to buy my Wii FIT…. when OMG !!!!! I found out Susan Garrett is coming to WAshington in June…. YAHOOOOOooooo
    So, no WII FIT for me, as I’d rather spend that money waddling around a seminar of Susan’s (or two or three ), and will get the Wii at a future date !!!

  36. I played at my daughter’s place. I like the slalom skiing, the yoga, and the step games best, and I’m absolutely terrible at ski jumping. I thought the jogging one was hilarious.

    I agree about not liking the way it kind of goes, “Oof!” when you step on it for weight, as though you just knocked the wind out of it with your bulk. 🙂

  37. I have a wii, and a wii fit. I sort of get in kicks with it. For a few weeks, I’ll play it a bunch, then I won’t for weeks, maybe even months. Right now, I’m in an off period, and I haven’t played for probably a month.
    When I do play wii fit, I liked the balance and aerobics the best. I had actually never played yoga until the last time I was really into it, and rarely played strength until then.

  38. I do play Wii! I love it- we got it for our kids but I really really wanted it! I like the Wii fit game, the Personal Trainer video and I do yoga and cardio on that game and use that game for actual workouts. The balance games are really good too. I really want to get the bubble one down perfectly but it is tough. It is fun for the whole family if you pick the right games. I have been sore from boxing!!!

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